Concept Model

We introduce the concept model for confirming the function of V-Sido OS.


ASRA-C1_logo_s ASRA-C1_h200 This robot is a name of ASRA C1. He is about 110 cm in height, and about 13.5 kg in weight.


Name ASRA C1

Humanoid type (2 Legs,4 Arms,35 flexibility)


About 1.2m/About 13.5kg(A battery is included.)



Control system


Power supply

Lithium polymer battery(11.5V),12V Direct-current power supply


Bluetooth,Wireless LAN


Gyroscope/Accelerometer/Geomagnetism sensor/Camera

Frame design

RT Corporation

Exterior design

GK Dynamics Incorporated

Stand up

If a user takes a robot’s hand, he will stand up automatically according to a motion of a user’s hand.

Control from a smart phone

This robot is moved from a remote place using the touch panel of a smart phone. It is also possible to project a robot’s camera image on the screen of a smart phone.

Head tracking using the head mounted display

This robot’s head moves according to operation of the user who attached the head mounted display.

Force control

This robot runs also by the state where the child is touching, safely, adjusting power.

Standing position stability

This robot absorbs a sudden shock and vibration smoothly.

Operation with a joy stick

A motion of a robot’s whole body is made to compensate for operation of a joy stick.

A user’s copy of a motion

This robot uses a Kinect sensor and reproduces a user’s motion in real time.

Assistant operation

A main arm on either side is moved by operating two auxiliary arms attached to this robot’s breast.


This robot recognizes man’s voice and moves. The speech recognition function of Windows is used by the video. *The iPhone trademark is used based on the license of AIPHONE, Ltd. *Kinect and Windows are the registered trademarks in the U.S. of U.S. Microsoft Corporation, and other countries.