1. V-Sido OS

In principle, V-Sido OS is provided for enterprises which aims for mass production of robots. To embed V-Sido OS in your product, license agreement is necessary.

For example, we can customize V-Sido OS software for each robot product, or also implement some functions of V-Sido OS on a micro-computer board according to your needs.

Basically, we don’t charge at the stage of prototyping. License fee will be incurred when the product is commercialized. (In the case of joint development, some expenses such as development cooperation may be incurred.)

Please contact us if any of the statements below corresponds to you.
-Companies considering the use of V-Sido OS to control their developed robot.
-Companies considering robot prototyping using V-Sido OS technology.
-Companies considering to develop robot applications which run in coordination with web services using V-Sido OS technology.


“V-Sido CONNECT” is a microcomputer board which enables easy control of robots composed by serial servo motors. V-Sido CONNECT realizes rapid prototyping and evaluation for robot applications equipped with many of the features of V-Sido OS. V-Sido CONNECT will be released in 2015.

Using V-Sido CONNECT, web application developers can easily participate in robot development because script languages such as JavaScript are used to control the robots. No expert knowledge in robotics control required to operate a robot because complex kinematic calculation and cooperative operation on multiple servo motors are automatically processed by V-Sido CONNECT. Of course, it is available for private hobby use. Please refer here for more details.

Please contact us if any of the statements below corresponds to you.
– Companies who like to purchase V-Sido CONNECT for rapid prototyping and evaluation.

3. V-Sido Lite

Please use “V-Sido Lite” if you’d like to try robot control via V-Sido OS. V-Sido Lite is not a tool for robot development but Windows application for robot control via V-Sido. V-Sido Lite is free for non-commercial use.

V-Sido Lite is published at V-Sido developer.com