METCALF clione


METCALF clione is a wearable robot as a fashion created by Kyun_kun, a Robotics Fashion Creator.

METCALF clione can be operated via smart phones. V-Sido’s technology is used for robot operation via smart phone, automatic idling and smooth opening and closing of robot arms.

Technology of V-Sido is also used in “METCALF stage” of a derivation work of METCALF clione. METCALF stage is the wearable robot used as a costume at a concert of AKB48 in March, 2016. This robot generates movement automatically according to the movement of an attachment person and the beat of music.
These robots are not for practical use but an art work. Delicate movement adjustment is required in accordance with the artist’s inspiration, and V-Sido can easily accommodate such a demand.


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METCALF clione

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