V-Sido compatible with robots developed by customers

V-Sido is a robot control system that can move various robots. With the V-Sido, it becomes possible to move the robot according to the intention of the pilot, and it is possible to easily realize remote operation.
In order to run the robot developed by the customer on the V-Sido, it is necessary to adjust the parameters according to each robot.



We will check various specifications such as robot application, hardware configuration, actuator details etc.

Corresponding method examination


I will consider how to make the V-Sido correspond to the robot and make a quotation

V-Sido customization


If the actuator does not support V-Sido, customize it. Depending on the shape of the robot, we will also create 3D models etc.

Parameter adjustment


Actual control by V-Sido, parameter adjustment to make it move firmly



Deliver V-Sido in the form of Windows applications and electronic circuit boards

*The above figure is an example of the introduction process

Asuratec has been supporting V-Sido for many robots such as “J – deite Quarter” “DOKA ROBO” “SE – 01” “METCALF clione” In addition, there are cases where development collaboration with V-Sido technology was carried out on products other than so-called robots, such as force tactile presentation device “EXOS”.

Contact Us

If you are considering the robot’s V-Sido compliance, such as the request as below, please contact Atratec.

  • I want to adopt V-Sido to solve the problem of robot under development
  • I want to run a robot that has been developed with V-Sido
  • I would like to make the robot to undertake development compatible with V-Sido