Robot control system with music

Dance a humanoid robot

“V-Sido x Songle”(pronunciation: /bʊʃɪdoʊ sɔŋəl/) is a system that can make humanoid robots of various shapes and sizes dance to music using motions dynamically assigned along the music structure. The system was jointly developed by Asratec and “National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology”(AIST). This newly developed system uses Asratec’s “V-Sido” robot control system and AIST’s “Songle” active music listening service (

The main features of V-Sido x Songle

  • When a user selects a song on the Internet that has been automatically analyzed by Songle, a robot can instantly dance to that song.
  • Since differences in shapes and sizes of robots can be automatically compensated, different types of multiple robots can all dance in unison by simply giving the same choreographed motion patterns.
  • A user interface that makes it possible to assign different dancing motions for each section of the music structure enables motion patterns to be changed even while the robot is dancing.
  • When a user commands the robot to walk, the lower body of the robot starts walking in a specified direction while its upper body keeps dancing according to motion patterns.
  • Since robot-control information is dynamically generated, the robot can automatically stabilize its body to keep dancing even if the floor is tilted.

System overview of V-Sido x Songle

V-Sido x Songle generates the robot dancing by managing V-Sido and Songle via the Internet as shown in the Figure below.

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