What is the origin of the name of V-Sido?

V-Sido (pronunciation: /b ʊʃɪ doʊ/) initially introduced “Acting teaching software for humanoid robots”. I named it as “Visual · Virtual – Sido (guidance)” as a name expressing its features. Moreover, being conscious of being software originating from Japan, it is called the same bushido as “Bushido”.

What is the merit of V-Sido?

From the user’s point of view of the robot, we can move the robot as expected in various ways. From the developer’s point of view of the robot, it is the point that division of labor development and efficiency become possible.

Is V-Sido a system for controlling a biped walking robot?

Bipedal walking control is one of the features of V-Sido, but it is not a system dedicated to bipedal walking. In addition to the biped walking robot, you can control various robots. V-Sido is a useful system for robots in which many actuators are interlinked in a complicated manner, and can be used for robots other than humanoid type.

Does V-Sido compete with ROS (Robot Operating System)?

V-Sido is software for controlling actuators of robot, and ROS has a difference of framework for robot software development.
Each has a completely different role, not competing. In the future we are also considering making V-Sido treat as one of ROS nodes.

Which servomotor is compatible with V-Sido?

As of April 2015, it corresponds to most of servo motors for hobby made by Futaba Electronics Industries and ROBOTIS. Corresponding servo motors are planned to be expanded sequentially.

Does the V-Sido also support actuators other than servo motors?

In addition to servo motors, it is also compatible with hydraulic pressure and pneumatic pressure. For concrete robots, we have experience in handling “Kuratasu” by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, for example, hydraulic pressure, “Actroid” of Kokoro at pneumatic pressure.

Where can I purchase V-Sido?

V-Sido is a licensed product mainly for corporations, not sold at retail stores and so on. If you are considering introducing V-Sido OS to your own robot, please contact us.

Can I actually try out V-Sido?

We offer “V-Sido Lite” robot operation application using V-Sido (free for non-commercial use only). By actually moving a commercial robot (such as “GR – 001” made by HPI Japan) with V-Sido Lite, you can experience what kind of robot control can be done with V-Sido .

As for the robot development using V-Sido, we plan to offer a robot controller board called “V-Sido CONNECT” to evaluate the function of V-Sido. V-Sido CONNECT is a product that implements some functions of V-Sido on a microcontroller board, and it can be used for prototype creation and evaluation of functions of V-Sido robot.

Can I use V - Sido for in - house developed robots?

Please contact us for due to the actuator etc being used.

Is V-Sido an artificial intelligence?

No. In general, artificial intelligence is a technology for artificially realizing human intelligence, but V-Sido does not have such a function. If artificial intelligence is equivalent to “cerebrum” of robot, V – Sido is equivalent to “cerebellum” of robot.

Why is V-Sido compared to the cerebellum of a robot?

Even within the human brain, the cerebellum is said to be responsible for motor nerves and equilibrium sensations performed under unconsciousness. V-Sido is sometimes expressed as “cerebellum of robot” in order to provide such functions to robot.


When is the release date of V-Sido CONNECT?

The official release date is undecided. Furthermore, “V-Sido CONNECT RC” which is the shipping candidate (Release Candidate) version was released in March 2015 in limited quantities.

How much is V-Sido CONNECT?

V – Sido CONNECT RC sold at 9800 yen (excluding tax). The official version of V-Sido CONNECT will also be sold within 10,000 yen.


What is the origin of Asratec's company name?

Together with ASRA from the Zoroastrian god “ASURA”, “ASRA” and “Technology (TEChnology) together made Asratec (Athra Tech). ASURA has the meaning of a life giving god, and it is becoming this company name in the sense that it wants to disseminate software that gives life to a robot. The reason for removing U from ASURA is put in the meaning of “U = You do not need to be conscious of software.”

Is it possible to purchase robots posted on the Asratec web site from Asura Tech?

At Asratec, we do not handle the robot itself. For inquiries on the robot body posted on the website, please contact the manufacturer of each robot. In addition, our company “ASRA C1” is a concept model, there is no plan to sell.

How much is the license fee for V-Sido?

Please contact us.

What is the difference between the marks "Works with V-Sido", "Compatible with V-Sido" and "Powered by V-Sido"?

It is a classification of V-Sido compatible products, and it is divided into three categories according to how V-Sido relates.

Works with V-Sido …… Robot running with V-Sido you adopted V-Sido from the development stage
Compatible with V-Sido …… Robot that can handle V-Sido control and use V-Sido after robot has been sold / announced
Powered by V-Sido …… Products using V-Sido in the form of technical cooperation and partial control