Support for prototype development of robot and partial contractor

Asratec supports trial production development for customers who want to develop new robots. In addition to prototype development using V – Sido OS, we may also make suggestions in a form that does not use V – Sido OS according to customer ‘s request.


Planning feasibility study

  • Technical evaluation of feasibility
  • Preparation of production specifications
  • Partner negotiation
  • Budget / Schedule

Preparation before production

Kick off

  • Production specifications
  • Stuffing
  • Schedule

Recognition by stakeholders at the start of production

Hard / soft production

  • Promotion / Budget Management
  • Hardware development
  • Software Development

Robot prototype completed

  • Operation rules
  • Conduct examination for mass production

Project Management


Technical evaluation of robot project

Technical evaluation of production specifications


V-Sido OS compatible

Commissioned development
*Parts not involved in V-Sido


Asratec is the core of the business of robot software development, but we have partnered with many robot manufacturers, and in cooperation with such companies, we support prototype development. In addition, we may undertake development of robot control board etc.

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It is possible to support trial development consistently from project planning to technical evaluation and production. Please do not hesitate to contact us.