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V-Sido Features and Typical Case Studies

“V-Sido” (pronunciation: /b ʊʃɪ doʊ óʊ és/) is a robot control software with high versatility, which can control various kinds of robots.

The features of “V-Sido”

The features of “V-Sido” are “Real-time control” and “Stability” even when inflicted with sudden shocks or on rough surfaces. Also, various input devices such as smartphones are available for robot control. With V-Sido, you can operate a robot by roughly appointing a position to the finger tips or foot and V-Sido does the rest to best achieve the appointed position by moving other body parts accordingly.
As it controls various kinds of actuators (servo motors of several manufacturers, hydraulic systems, hydraulic-air servos and others), robots of various manufacturers can be operated via V-Sido.
Please refer to the movie presentation above for adoption examples.
We, Asratec, would like various robot manufacturers to use “V-Sido”.
Please consider adopting “V-Sido” for development of your robots.

Adoption examples

Another feature of V-Sido is its high versatility. It controls various kinds of actuators (servo motors of several manufacturers, hydraulic systems, hydraulic-air servos and more) for various shapes and sizes of robots. As V-Sido can control a variety of robots, robot development can be executed efficiently.
Robots below are examples in which V-Sido is used. These various robots all can be controlled via V-Sido.


2009 Adopted as Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program) software in 2009. Real-time Control System for Humanoid Robot
2009 Second prize of the Infinity Venture Summit 2009 LaunchPad. Real-time Control System for Hobby Robot “V-Sido”
2010 Grand Prix of the Infinity Venture Summit 2010 LaunchPad “V-Sido for smart phone”
2011 The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers Lecture Excellence Lecture Award “Integrated Control Software for Humanoid Robot “V-Sido”
2012 NicoNico Gakkai β Yasei-no-Kenkyusha (Wild Resercher) First Prize
2012 16th Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment Division Excellece Award Suidobashi Heavy Industry “KURATAS”
2014 Adopeted as Ministry of Econmy, Trade and Industry Innovative Technologies 2014. “V-Sido”

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V-Sido is generally provided to enterprise customers as a license model.
It is also possible to provide customized V-Sido software for each robot product, or integrate customized V-Sido functions to robot controller boards as a license model.
Please contact us if you are interested in V-Sido.

  • Who consider to integrate V-Sido to own developed robots.
  • Who consider to prototype robots with V-Sido technologies.
  • Who consider to use V-Sido technologies for development of robot applications which connected to web services.
  • Who have issues on the actuator control software.