Support for operation and introduction of existing robot products

At Asratec, we support operation of robot products for customers who want to utilize robots mainly for events and video works.
In order to move the robot as intended and use it for production, knowledge of a robot specialist company is necessary. We provide necessary support such as appropriate casting and operation management of robot.


Planning for operation planning

  • Operation robot
  • Production environment
  • Operation system


Development for operation


*Development work such as motion creation as necessary

Advance preparation

  • Creating a simplified script
  • Arrangement of necessary items
  • Staff assignment

Robot operation implementation

  • Final report


Robot operation

Robot Doll Project robot and other robot operation and accompanying work (event planning, tool creation, etc.)

*The Robo Doll Project is a project that supports robot directing, motion management, etc. in events, TV programs, video works, etc.
*The above figure is an image

Robot operation mainly focuses on the “RoboDoll” project that Asratec participates in, and has taken up the robot that we supported operation for the female idle unit’s music video and TV program etc until now.