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Corporate Philosophy
To Create a Society where Robots and Humans can Coexist
Greeting from the President

SoftBank held “SoftBank Next 30-Year Vison Contest” on 2010 to celebrate its 30th anniversary of the founding. All the SoftBank Group employee were welcomed to participate.

The winner of the contest was our staff, who made an enthusiastic presentation on Robot.
“We are facing decreasing birthrate and aging of the population. I believe Robots will become indispensable for humans in the next 30 years.”
Our company was established to actualize that idea.

Robots like the Astro Boy; our forever dream robot, is now becoming the very reality.
We put the robot software; which stand as the brain of the robot, as our core business and strive to realize a society where humans and robots could coexist.

We kindly ask for your high expectations along with your support to our business.

Asratec Corp.
President & CEO  Masato Sakatani
Chief Robot Creator/V-Sido Developer WATARU YOSHIZAZKI

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1985. He is the creator and the principal developer of the robot control system “V-Sido” and is known as one of the leading robot engineers in Japan.

Yoshizaki’s project “Acting teaching software for humanoid robots” was adopted as “unexplored IT human resources discovery and development project” conducted by IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency) under Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2009, “V-Sido” announced. As a result of that achievement, it is certified as a “super creator” from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a particularly good human resource.

In 2010, he participated in Suidobashi Heavy Industries, a project of Mr. Kogoro Kurata’s project, and Yoshizaki was involved in the production of a huge robot “KURATAS” (in charge of control by V-Sido).

Since July 2013, he was appointed Chief Robot Creator, Asratec Corp., and is developing business related to V-Sido at the company. In 2014, he was appointed as a member of the expert conference "Robot Revolution Realization Council" sponsored by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and will be appointed to participate in the "Robot Revolution Initiative" next 2015. There are many lectures related to robots, and we are trying to disseminate robots widely.

Business of Asratec Corp.

Since its establishment in 2013 as a specialized robot company, Asratec has partnered with a variety of companies and been helping to put robots into practical use.

Robot control system “V-Sido”(pronunciation: /b ʊʃɪ doʊ óʊ és/) planning, development and licensing centering on the core, we are developing development support and consulting for robots in general.

Robot control system “V-Sido” business
  • Development and license sales of V-Sido
  • Contract development of robot control software using V-Sido
  • Research and development of new technology based on V-Sido
  • Development and sales of V-Sido CONNECT
Robot development support Business
  • Prototype construction of robot hardware
  • Contract development of robot hardware
  • Support for development of new robot, technical cooperation
  • Assisting implementation of remote control function on robot
Robot consulting business
  • Technical consulting in robot development
  • Robot business consulting
  • Planning planning for utilization and development of robots
  • Robot operation in events, television programs, video works, etc.
  • Robot related lecture, lecturer dispatching at seminar
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Company Name Asratec Corp.
Description of Business Plan, Development, Sale, and Consulting of the V-Sido related products
Location Sumitomo Fudosan Toranomon Tower 23F, 2-2-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
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Founded 5,July,2013
President Masato Sakatani