Robot controller board

Start robot development with V-Sido just connected to robots

“V-Sido CONNECT” is the robot controller board which mounted a part of V-Sido function on. With V-Sido CONNECT, you can efficiently develop robots which have V-Sido features such as real-time bipedal walking, stability for sudden shock or unstable floor, etc.

Since V-Sido CONNECT processes complex robot control such as kinematics calculations and multiple servo motors combinations, developers can operate robots without robot control expertise. furthermore, it is possible to control by script languages such as JavaScript, WEB developers can easily start robot development.

V-Sido CONNECT is mainly used for evaluation of V-Sido or prototyping of robots work with V-Sido. The Commercial licence agreement is mandatory if you sell or use the robots which developed with V-Sido CONNECT for commercial purposes.

Examples of robot control using V-Sido CONNECT

This movie presentation simply introduces steps to control the robot “GR-001” using V-Sido CONNECT, Bluetooth unit and Intel Edison.

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V-Sido CONNECT RC is a Release Candidate of V-Sido CONNECT. Some functions which are planned to be embedded onto V-Sido CONNECT official version are restricted.

Web Controller for V-Sido CONNECT

Web Controller for V-Sido CONNECT is a system which enables remote operation of a robot connected to V-Sido CONNECT over the Internet.

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Currently, we sell V-Sido CONNECT RC(Release Candidate) version only in Japan. Please contact us if you have any questions.