Ory Laboratory

“OriHime-D” is an avatar robot, developed by Ory Laboratory. Using this robot, persons who are teleworking will be able to do physical work such as remote customer service and carrying things.

This robot is equipped with a camera, microphones and speakers. Pilots can communicate with people in far distance by remote-controlling robots via the Internet. This robot has forward, backward and swivel movement capabilities. In addition, the upper body has 14 built-in motors, so this robot can grab and carry simple objects and play various motions.

“OriHime-D” and Kentaro Yoshifuji(Co-founder&CEO, Ory Laboratory)

V-Sido can control upper body joints of this robot and operate in real time using various input devices, also implement smoother motions by putting limitaion of the maximum speed of each axis to smooth accelerations.

OriHime-D V-Sido edition was used for the project “Avator Robot Cafe `DAWN Ver.β2.0’” held in Tokyo in October 2019. At that time, OriHime-D demonstrated customer service such as serving the cups to tables.

In this project, Asratec cooperated in the Ory Laboratory’s demonstration experiment, and we provided V-Sido modules (software components) to be integrated into applications of OriHime-D.




Compatible with V-Sido