STMicroelectronics’ demonstration robot


STMicroelectronics’ demonstration robot based on ROBOTIS OP2. By connecting to V-Sido CONNECT, ROBOTIS OP2 can be operated with the robot control system “V-Sido”.

This Robot integrates several ST products, including microcontrollers, motion sensors and e-compass for posture detection, time-of-flight ranging sensors for distance and gesture detection, environmental sensors including pressure and temperature sensors, a MEMS micro-mirror, MEMS microphones, and a Bluetooth® low energy network processor to communicate with external devices, and other ST components for performing various robot functions.

This Robot debut at ST’s booth at “Embedded Technology 2017”, an exhibition held at Pacifico Yokohama from November 15, 2017. Furthermore, the Robot will be demonstrated at ST events held around the world.

STMicroelectronics' demonstration robot

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