Kanamoto, KG flowtechno, FUJIKEN

“KanaRobo(formerly known as DOKA ROBO 3)” is a humanoid robot which can operate construction machines, with a pair of arms and a pair of legs.It enables remote operation on construction machines, by setting KanaRobo into the cockpit of construction macines such as backhoe, and being controlled by operators remotely.

It can be carried the upper half (approximately 10kg) and the lower half (approximately 8kg) separately, also can be assembled without peculiar tools and set into the cockpit. It needs very short time to enable construction machine to be controlled remotely, approximately 1 hour for setting and 30 mins for removing. Specified low power radio, wireless LAN, or public line such as LTE (mobile network) are compatible with the wireless environment between controller for operator and KanaRobo, therefore there is no distance limit for remote control.


KanaRobo has dedicated controller, the cockpit of construction machine type, which can be ridden in. By using this controller and operate with the visions of KanaRobo’s camera, operator can operate with same feelings as in actual construction machine. Furthermore, it enables to operate as designed, adapting on the machine with MC (machine control).

KanaRobo adopts robot control system “V-Sido” developed by Asratec, it enables to be controlled by various interface. Not only the cockpit type controller, but also HMD(Head Mounted Display) type, and transmitter type are available.

KanaRobo enables to operate construction machines where humans can not operate in, such as disaster area, and it is expected to used for disaster recovery, for example. Kanamoto provides KanaRobo as rental model. It is planned to register to NETIS(New Technology Information System) by MLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) .






Works with V-Sido