“DOKA ROBO2” is a human-shaped robot for operating construction equipment. Indirect, remote operation of construction equipment becomes possible by letting this robot sit in the driver’s seat of construction equipment (backhoe).

The robot is an easily portable size with approximately 1.5 m of length and 18 kg of weight. By bringing in this robot to disaster sites, an ordinary construction equipment near the sites can be immediately dispatched to dangerous sites for emergency rehabilitation without remodeling the equipment. It can be applied to various vehicles for human as well as construction equipment.

The robot isn’t equipped with a bipedal mechanism, but a handle operation by arms and a pedaling operation by feet can be achieved by remote control by human. V-Sido OS is used for controlling the actuator and operation system of the robot. Lever and pedal positions must be set on the parameter on the robot after installing the robot in the driver’s seat, but the robot is equipped with a teaching function mode by V-Sido, which allows for easy position correction.

The robot’s body features a Stewart Platform (a type of parallel link structure) which efficiently absorbs vibration and shock. The movement of the Stewart Platform is also controlled by V-Sido OS.

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Size / Weight

Length: approximately 1.5 m / Weight: 18kg



Works with V-Sido