HPI Japan

“GR-001” is an off-the-shelf hobby robot deveoped by HPI Japan, and is a tough and reliable. It consists of 20 Futaba servomotors. It is portable because it is small, stands 255mm height and weights only 900g. This robot has been used for an operation verification since the beginning of the development of V-Sido OS. “GR-001” is sold at webshops such as Amazon and RT Corporation. V-Sido is more suitable, and tested on the servomoters version of RS303,304 than the version of RS301,302. Using GR-001(RS303,304 ver.) and Free software “V-Sido Lite”, you can try various functions of V-Sido OS for free (non-commercial use only). Please try V-Sido Lite if you have a GR-001.

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Size / Weight

Total length 255mm / Weight 900g



Compatible with V-Sido