V-Sido CONNECT RC is a Release Candidate of V-Sido CONNECT. Some functions which are planned to be embedded onto V-Sido CONNECT official version are restricted. By connecting V-Sido CONNECT RC to a robot, V-Sido’s excellent robot control technology such as real-time bipedal walking and stability against external shocks are available.( Limited sale in Japan)

Product V-Sido CONNECT RC
Price 9,800 jpy (Net of tax) (Limited sale in Japan)
Purchase Direct sales *Please refer here for purchases
Supported robot “GR-001″ (HPI Japan)
Supported servo motor “RS304MD” (FUTABA)、”RS303MR” (FUTABA)

・V-Sido CONNECT official version which will be released in 2015 will support various robots and servo motors.



Hardware specification

Item Details
MPU 32bit ARM(STM32F105RB)
Interface Servo port RS-485×1、TTL RS-232C×1
Communication port TTL RS-232C×1
Sensor port I2C×2,GPIO×4
Voltage DC 3.3V or DC5~12V
Size 38×33mm

Connection configuration

  • Robot control via computer programs which runs on any control device is possible just by developing software applications.
  • No expert knowledge in robotics control required to operate a robot because complex kinematic calculation and cooperative operation on multiple servo motors are automatically processed by V-Sido CONNECT RC.
  • Not only PCs (ex. Windows、Linux、MacOS)but also Smartphones/Tablets (ex. Android)and single-board computers (ex. Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi) are available as a control device.
  • Web applications developers can easily participate in robot development because script languages such as JavaScript are used to control the robots.

Notes before usage

  • V-Sido CONNECT RC is a product mainly for robot applications prototyping by robot developers.
  • V-Sido CONNECT RC is shipped with the microcontroller chip and circuit element implemented. Please solder additional pin headers if necessary.
  • V-Sido CONNECT RC doesn’t include connecting cables, pin headers or a robot.
  • For Bluetooth connection, a SBDBT and USB Bluetooth adapter are necessary.
  • For commercial use of robot developed with V-Sido CONNECT RC, license contract is required.
  • To use V-Sido CONNECT RC, your agreement on EULA is required. Please confirm EULA here.