Web Controller for V-Sido CONNECT

System configuration

system configuration
  • Using the provided API, only JavaScript is required to develop robot applications.
  • Implemented using technology of HTML5 such as WebRTC and WebGL.
  • WebRTC enables NAT traversal.
  • Smartphones for robot control and terminals for using the UI are available with Internet connection including mobile internet lines.

Operation screen of the Web UI

Web Controller for V-Sido CONNECT UI

Web UI on the screen above is provided as an implementation example. Robot’s posture,camera view and sensor information from smartphone are displayed on the web browser.
Referring to these information, robot control are possible using mouse, keyboards,game controllers and others.

Specifications and functions of Android app.

Supported OS Android 5.0(Lollipop)and later
Supported terminal Nexus 5/6/7/9
Connection to V-Sido CONNECT Command transmission and acquisition of return value Via Bluetooth
Internet connection environment Using WebRTC, access reception thru NAT traversal is possible.
WAN connection using LTE and Wi-Fi.
Event trigger setting Smartphone timer (execute after the specified number of seconds)
Sensor information threshold (execute at an event of specified threshold)
Preset action (execute at an event of specific action)
Obtainable terminal information Image (motion detection) / microphone volume / acceleration / temperature / illumination / electronic compass / gyro / posture / mobile communications and Wi-Fi connection status / radio strength / battery level / status of power connection

Specifications and functions of Web UI

Supported OS Windows 7 and later/MacOS X/Linux/Android
Supported Web browser Google Chrome(Desktop/Mobile)
Basic robot motion controls Joints movement / direction change / direction / assignment walking / preset motion playback / posture control by IK
Streaming Video and audio streaming playback is available via smartphone camera and microphone.
Macro function Macro setting for playing certain actions at certain events is possible.