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This is our concept model robot for presentation of V-Sido OS functions. “C” of Asra C1 is abbreviation of “Concept model”. Its height is about 1.2m and weights about 13.5kg, about the same size of an elementary school kid. It was customized from its original hardware frame robot RIC90, designed by the RT Corporation. The exterior design is of GK Dynamics.


Model number ASRA C1
Shape Humanoid ( 2 legs, 4 arms, 35 Degrees Of Freedom)
Height/Weight About 1.2m/About 13.5kg(With battery)
Actuator Servo motor (FUTABA)
Control System V-Sido OS/V-Sido CONNECT
Power supply Lithium polymer battery(11.5V), 12VDC power supply
Interface Bluetooth, Wireless LAN
Sensor Gyro / Accelerometer / Geomagnetic sensor / Camera
Frame design RT corporation
Exterior design GK Dynamics

Demonstration of V-Sido by ASRA C1

Standing up

The robot stands up naturally as users hold its hand up.

Control using Smartphones

Remote robot control using the touch panel of smartphones is possible. The camera image on the robot can be seen on smartphones display.

Head tracking using HMD

The robot’s head moves according to the motion of the user’s head mounted display (HMD).

Force control

The robot moves safely by adjusting force even when touched by children.

Standing stability

The robot absorbs external shocks and holds a stable posture even when inflicted with sudden shocks or when standing on rough surfaces.

Control using Joystick

The robot generates motions for its whole body accordingly to the Joystick control inputs.

Copying human motion

The robot copies human motion in real-time using Kinect sensors.

Operation assist

By operating the 2 sub-arms equipped at its chest, users can operate the main-arms.


The robot responds to human voice. (The voice recognition function of Windows is used in the movie presentation.)

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Size / Weight

About 1.2 m / About 13.5 kg (When equipped with a battery)



Works with V-Sido