Bumblebee Quarter

TOMY Company, Ltd.

“Bumblebee Quarter” is a fully automated transforming robot of TRANSFORMERS “Bumblebee”. It is a quarter of the original size of Bumblebee. It can transform between humanoid and vehicle form.

Length: 1.3m Weight: 35kg Actuators: 75 Servomotors BRAVE ROBOTICS developed the hardware and Asratec took part in the software development. V-Sido OS is adopted as the control system. Using V-Sido OS, bipedal walking is realized. Running on tires is also possible when in vehicle mode. The robot is controlled using PC and you can move the robot freely using a mouse or a game controller. TOMY released “Bumblebee Quarter” at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2015. Please refer to the video below for details.

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Size / Weight

Length: 1.3m / 35kg


Bumblebee Quarter

Works with V-Sido