Remote control system

Remote control system “VRcon for Pepper”

VRcon for Pepper is a software component for remote control of pepper over the Internet, using smartphones, tablets, PC, or any other similar devices.

By using the component of VRcon for Pepper, robot solutions that supports remote control will be built easily.

With VRcon for Pepper, it is not only possible to move Pepper remotely, but it is also possible to communicate with video and audio. For example, it is possible to play operator’s actual voice with Pepper’s speaker by using voice recognition system, or Pepper can read out the words which operator typed. The operatores can also view from the Pepper’s camera in real-time.

WebRTC technology (A technology that supports real-time, bidirectional communication) enables connection and communication between Pepper and the operator’s device. Also, Asratec’s experience through robot control technology “V-Sido” is utilized in generating natural motions of Pepper which users operated.

vrcon configuration example

Conceptual View of Robot Solution using VRcon for Pepper

Pepper is an excellent robot capable of use in a variety of situations, such as customer service, reception and many others. However, Pepper is yet incapable of offering the flexible service which only humans can do. VRcon for Pepper offers a brand new experience of customer service because it combines the features of robots and the human hospitality.

For example, utilizing the benefits of remote operation over the Internet, an efficient solution can be built such that robots at any place are connected and controlled from a single customer service center.

vrcon example

How to remote control

With VRcon for Pepper, Pepper can be remotely controlled from various terminals such as web browsers, smartphones, tablets and so on. It is possible to make Pepper speak, play motions, move camera and etc. from the Web browser screen as shown on the left for example.

In addition to using Web browsers, you can also control Pepper with smartphones and VR headsets like“Telepresence for Pepper”.

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Asratec provides licenses of VRcon for Pepper to System Integrator companies. If you are interested in developing original robot applications or building robot solutions using VRcon for Pepper, the licensed System Integrator company will be in charge.

Contact Asratec for details on development using VRcon for Pepper.